Snook is a leap forward in NFTs – defining a new skill-based NFT asset class.

Snook is the first multi-player, snake-like, skill game that rewards talent, speed and persistence. NFT value can finally be measured and based on your skill!

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Snook is an “All you can eat” and “kill or be killed” game

Traits determine what your snook will look like (skin) and how much it will be worth – bling! Super rare skins are also super hard to get – are you good enough?

Monetize your game achievements with $SNK tokens.

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    Special Skins

    We've created a bunch of Special Skins. What are they? How many? We're not tellin'… Unlock them with a unique trait combo. Some are so hard, you'll probably never get them

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    Liquid gaming $SNK ERC20 tokens

    What’s to understand? You play, win and make your snook a God. Exit your unique/rare NFT snook. Use $SNK ERC20 tokens to monetize.

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    Stake $SNK and get $SNK + unique game privileges.

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    Special gaming modes

    Monthly Gladiators’ arena, Wonderland, Dress-room Fight, Big Boys Table. We’ve said too much.

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You wanna know what are the possible colors, patterns and swag? We're not tellin'… [God, we're exhausting…] Just play the game. You're good, you'll figure it out.

  • Colors

    Traits image

    5 possible colors (+ green, the default color)

  • Patterns

    Traits image

    10 possible patterns

  • Swag

    Traits image

    12 possible items

  • Orbs

    Traits image

    Eat, eat, eat – be longer and bigger ;)

background background
background background
background background


Special Skins are super rare. Each can be unlocked with a unique combo of
traits. Some are so tough to get, you'll probably never see them.
We've created a bunch of them. What are they? How many? We're not tellin'

Special skin owners get special invitations to our tournaments

Some lucky Noob just
killed my snook!!!!

It doesn't matter how awesome you are -
everybody dies. It could be a distraction or
another player's blind luck. But that's the
game and if you die, your NFT is burned.
Also, for new traits to appear, other snooks
must die.
Scary...maybe you should walk away…

Snook payments
Snook payments Snook payments Snook payments

The Extraction Zone

Extraction zone

Snook Game-Map

Securing your snook

Everyone dies in the end - make sure you secure
your position before that happens!
The Extraction Zone is located at the edge of the Play Zone.
In it you will find the:

Extraction Points

Those are portal-like gateways that you can use to exit the game without losing your snook/NFT. They appear randomly and don’t last long so keep an eye out and act fast.


Snook is an unforgiving game. If your super
rare snook suddenly dies, not all is lost. You
can resurrect it for a small fee (proportional
to its awesomeness and rarity).

Resurrection Resurrection Resurrection


Every snook has two forms:

Snook cards

Snook cards

In-game snook

In-game snook

Coming Soon

The Gladiators’ Arena - Tournament mode

Tournament mode is scheduled for release soon. Tournaments will be
held once a month. They will be "last snook standing" events (no
extraction), although death in the arena will not burn your snook NFT.
There will also be prizes.

Participation passes will be minted every month and given to top players
(40%), "Up and coming" (30%) at random to any snook owner that has at
least one special skin, and (30%) to our Stakers (If you're not sure if you
are or not, you're not.)

For more about The Gladiators’ Arena
Coming soon

The innovation


The innovation

Snook - It's just a game the same way blockchain is just a ledger…

Snook is defining new skill-based NFT asset class with its IO game. NFT value can now be based on a measurable intrinsic attribute - skill.
That matters - The problem with valuing NFTs today is that its basically arbitrary. Without a “yardstick” to measure value, effort or rarity the value of NFTs is set only by supply and demand - one defined by the issuer and the other easily manipulated by her. That means that the...

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Economic Rationale

This merger between a new, decentralized, trust-agnostic, and immutable economic paradigm and one of the most popular pass-times in Human history (gaming), is surprisingly natural. Players spend time playing. They develop skills with patience and persistence. Until today, their efforts were measured in their score, ranking and/or character evolution. Rewards were emotional and social – it felt good, and you got "street cred"...

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Snook economy

The Snook economy is inseparable from the game. We designed it to balance stability with excitement and adrenaline. Follow the diagram below (we dare you) and see how we optimize demand and supply, allot funds for player incentives and at the same time cultivate a stable base of gamers.

snook economy snook economy